The X-15 is the first dynamic sprayer, being powered by either a battery, corded or air drill, makes this versatile machine quintessential to any rendering specialist. With a regulated air supply, a uniform and consistent texture can be obtained, eliminating the need of a plastic float during this aspect of the rendering process. Of course a float can be applied after the area is sprayed if a flatter texture is required. The Bennu technology uses the variable speed of a modern drill, to give the sprayer complete control of the spray rate. Having total control of the  spray rate, makes the whole process precise and accurate, achieving a cleaner, tidier finish.    


Over the last two years, through research and prototyping the Bennu X-15 has been evolved to make top coating faster, cleaner and simpler.  Designed primarily for spraying top coat, but can help enhance and accelerate the application of other construction products. The compact design of the X-15 allows for a one man operation, allowing multiple sprayers to be used on bigger jobs, doubling production and the meterage applied.