Home of the Superflex and Plaziflex amongst a lot of other things. Refina has quickly become a massive brand in the market. If you are plastering, Drylining, Rendering or Screeding the Refina brand has a range of tools for you.


The Superflex trowels are produced with ultra flexible stainless steel blades. These trowels are light easy to use without the “breaking in” process needed on your hardened steal trowels.


The Plaziflex trowel has been a popular edition to the plasterer’s toolbox. They have been tried and tested and recently evolved to become a highly flexible durable, and technological game changer. The Plaziflex Trowel consist on two parts the blades and the midget trowel, the blade is a black “sprung backed” plastic. It has sponge foam with a winged design attached to the flat plate of the blade. It is on this that the mini trowel can be inserted to create the complete trowel.  These trowels come in many sizes and are ideal for use with renders and multi finish plasters.